Hello World, Welcome to the Nest!

Hello, World! I’m Brett and I have started at least a dozen blogs at this point. Some are on the free WordPress site. Some are on Tumblr and some are on blogging sites that don’t exist anymore.

Getting the Phantom 4 ready for a shot in Highland Park, Michigan. Photo Cred: Romeo Quenn

A big problem I have is that I never know what to write about. I’ll generally have a Hello World post much like this one as well as maybe one or two other short posts.

I believe that most of these issues stem from the fact that I’ve had it pounded into my head that blogs are usually “personal” – in which someone talks about their life day to day, or even just complain (I used to be emo when that was a thing, so that last example is close to my oldest blogs) or “niche” – in which you pick a very narrow topic and concentrate purely on it.

My brain is always going at 100MPH, so I’ve always had a hard time concentrating on just one thing at a time. A huge reason I’ve been running social media for 3 years without a website is because I couldn’t figure out what niche I wanted to concentrate on.

Everyone on set has some sort of camera on them at all times. Photo Cred: Cameron Dreamshare

This week, I decided ‘screw it’ and bought hosting and a domain. Today, I’m working everything out and deciding on my posting schedule.

Since I’m building this website to be an online repository of my life, I’ve also decided that my blog will be a reflection of my thoughts.

There will be posts about Film Making, YouTube, Frugal Living, and life on set. I will also be posting short stories as well as videos based on the work I’m doing on set and on YouTube.

I always find the most awkward places to frame the shot. Photo Cred: Cameron Dreamshare

My ultimate goal is to become a well-known filmmaker and Content Creator. I want to bring you along with me, every step of the way.

Got any ideas for what I should cover in this blog and on my YouTube channel? Leave a comment below and let me know!

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