About Me

Vlogger, Film Maker, Editor, Freelancer-

Hey, I’m Brett “Penguin” Shuck! Writing about myself has always felt awkward. I know most people say that, but for me, it feels doubly true.

I'm the goof holding the phone.
For an exterior shot, we travelled from Ottawa, Ontario to Highland Park, Michigan. You can see the mix of film cameras and my vlogging phone.

I went to college for Interactive Multimedia Developer in 2012 and despite dropping out after a year, I continued to teach myself the parts of the course that actually meant something to me. The program encompassed a lot of passing interests for me, but also awakened a true love of video and visual arts that I’ve carefully brought up within myself.

For the last three years, I’ve dedicated myself to learning everything there is to learn about Online Content Creation while running my YouTube channel, IN Productions. In that time, I’ve also become a self-taught video editing wizard using Adobe Premiere Pro CC as well as Adobe After Effects CC.

In 2016, I managed to wiggle my way onto a volunteer film crew for a feature length film, titled “Blue Skies on Mars”, being filmed in Ottawa and the surrounding areas. It’s one of the most important, most fun things I’ve done in my entire life. You can check out screen caps and posts by the cast and crew on our Facebook here. On set, I fill just about any role that needs a warm body. Mostly though, I’m one of three camera operators (running with Canon 5D Mark IIs and a Mark III) as well as the productions’ only drone operator (gotta love that DJI Phantom 4).

Recently, due to several financial set backs and none-bill paying jobs, I’ve become obsessed with living as frugal a life as possible. This obsession has grown to the point where I’ve started writing articles about how to save money, even if you can’t afford your living costs to begin with. Chances are, the videos and blog posts that these articles lead to will end up on this site, or perhaps a new site that I’ll build after I’m happy with this one.

The last year has brought on many new challenges and experiences, and I’m so excited to see what the next few years have to offer!